Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Subsidiary of WarnerMedia
FoundedApril 4, 1923[1]
FounderAlbert Warner
Harry Warner
Sam Warner
Jack Warner
Key people
Toby Emmerich
(Chairman, Warner Bros. Pictures Group)
Kevin Tsujihara
(Chairman andCEO)
ProductsMotion pictures, television programs, video games
ParentIndependent (1923–1967)
Warner Bros.-Seven Arts (1967–1969)
Kinney National Company (1969–1972)
Warner Communications (1972–1990)
Time Warner
(1990–2001; 2003-2018)
AOL Time Warner

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (commonly called Warner Bros.) is a large entertainment group and movie studio. It is owned by WarnerMedia. Warner Bros. is known for Looney Tunes. They own the copyrights to the Harry Potter movie series, the Batman movie series, and Superman movie series, the DC Extended Universe and the It duology. They also produced the TV show Friends.

Warner Bros. is a very large company. Warner Brothers was founded on April 4, 1923.[1] Its founders were Jack L. Warner: Albert Warner: Harry Warner: and Sam Warner. It was founded in Hollywood, California. It has won several awards including the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Films[change | change source]

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