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A rowboat is an early example of a watercraft

A watercraft is a vehicle that can move on the surface of the water. Some watercrafts can go under the water. Examples of watercrafts are boats, ships, hovercraft and submarines. Watercrafts are usually propelled by a sail, oar, paddle or engine.

Types[change | change source]

There are different types of watercrafts. They are:

Propulsion[change | change source]

Watercraft use different ways to move. They are:

  • Oars: An oar is a tool used to move a boat through the water. It is one of the first means of moving a watercraft.[1]
  • Sail: A sail is a large piece of cloth on the top of some boats. The wind goes around the sail and makes the boat move through the water.
  • Engine: An engine is a machine used to change energy into movement that can be used. Natural gas are usually used to make the engine change energy. Some military we engines use nuclear energy.

Uses[change | change source]

Watercrafts are used for fishing. They are also used to transport goods and services to different places. They are used by the military to attack when there is war.

Watercrafts are used in many types of water sports. Watercraft like submarines are used to explore the deep ocean. They are also used for leisure. Some watercrafts are also used to get natural resources from the ocean.

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