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Sometimes a bureaucrat may need to take the administrator right away from an administrator in an emergency. Also a steward may need to remove the bureaucrat and administrator rights from a bureaucrat in an emergency. This is only done as a temporary measure to protect the project from serious danger. The community can then decide whether the rights can be given back.

What is an emergency?[change source]

An administrator or bureaucrat should lose their flag when they are badly harming the project. For example, if an administrator makes actions using the tools that make no sense, such as deleting the main page or making blocks that are senseless. Emergency deflagging is for actions against policy.

Temporary deflagging[change source]

When a flag is removed it does not have to be removed forever. Any bureaucrat may give back the rights when there is proof that the emergency is over.

Community deflagging[change source]

The permanent removal of flags must be decided by the community. If the deflagging happened because the admin or bureaucrat broke the rules, then a formal RFDA/RFDB (Request for de-adminship or de-bureaucratship) should be done. Otherwise, it is not needed as long as the emergency has passed and it does not look like it will happen again.