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Vandal Warner is a gadget that makes warning users about their bad edits easier. It is based on a tool named "Whackamole", which was created by User:Pilotguy.

Vandal Warner adds some links to the "toolbox". These links only appear when you are editing a user talk page. You can add warnings on the talk page of users rapidly, by clicking on those links.

Customization[change source]

There are some messages which are available when you use Vandal Warner but you may want to add new ones or remove some items. For that, you have to add a few lines to your monobook.js file. First, go to Your monobook.js file. Then click edit, and add lines in this format:

WarnVandalCustomItems.push( Array('test', 1, 'Experimenting', 'Test edit') );

In the above example:

  • 'test' is the name of the template that is used. Other examples are 'test2', 'testarticle', etc.
  • the number 1 means the template uses a parameter. If you set it to 0, no parameter is passed.
  • 'Experimenting' is used in the edit summary.
  • 'Test edit' is the text that is shown in the toolbox to you.

Please pay attention that when you use a custom set of warning items, the original set is not shown.

Custom signature[change source]

By default, four tildes (~~~~) are used for the signature. However, some users prefer to use a customized signature. Vandal Warner allows using custom signatures. You only have to add a line like this to your monobook.js file:


You should replace "YOUR CUSTOM SIGNATURE" with the wikicode that generates the custom signature. Pay attention that you cannot use ~~~~ there directly (because it will change to your signature as soon as you save your monobook.js); instead, you can do something like this:

WarnVandalSig = "[[User:Blah]] ~~" + "~~";