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The Wikipedia software recognizes inline International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs).[1]

The software automatically creates a search link to a specific book.[2] in the same way that it does for Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs). No template is required to enable this feature.

When a ISBN is known, it may be helpful to use it[3] in the same way as it is good practice to use DOI for other sources.

It is important when making a link to avoid using a colon after "ISBN" followed by the numbers.

Correct:   ISBN 9780674017535
Incorrect: ISBN: 9780674017535
The formatted citation is displayed as a blue link:
          ISBN 9780674017535
Alternate example
Okay:     13-ISBN 9780674017535
Incorrect: ISBN-13 9780674017535
         13-ISBN 9780674017535

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References[change source]

  1. ISBN is an acronym for a "International Standard Book Identifier". The ISBN identifies a published work.
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