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If you add a request, make sure you give a link to the subject's article in English or other Wikipedia(s), if there is one. Do not add subject(s) whose notability is questionable.

Biographies should be listed by surnames.

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                        Anne frank

Anne Frank got her diary for her birthday TB She wrote her diary to a person She came from Germany and went to Holland

She hid in the a attic

Anne Frank, Anne Frank is brave, shy and the unknown heroine. Franks diary was a best seller since 1947. The talented teenager died in Bergen-Belson. Franks Jewish family was hiding from Jack booted Germans in an attic in occupied Amsterdam. The book has become so familiar that it is hard to remember that without the humanity and bravery of one woman, it would never have been published.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler led GERMANY throughout world war II.Adolf Hitler committed suicide himself on April 30th,1945 just days before Germany's unconditional surrender .Berlin was about to fall to the Russians capture him and putting him on trial hence is suicide .How did adolf Hitler rise to such power in Germany -a power that was to see Germany devastated by may 1945 when world war II ended in the west.

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Anne Frank Anne Frank was a teenager and got a diary for her birthday. Miep Gies let Anne'S family in her attic. Anne was also a German and she escaped the Nazi party to a better location. Her family were sent appart from each other. The sisters were sent to a concentration camp.