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Wikipedia:Right to vanish

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All Wikipedia editors have the right to leave. The usual way to leave the Wikipedia project is simply to stop editing.

If you wish to leave permanently, and to remove any association with your past edits, you may exercise your right to vanish. It is not a requirement, but the Wikipedia community will typically allow the ability to vanish to users in good standing who exercise their right to leave and ask to "vanish" permanently.

How to leave[change source]

To leave more fully, you may wish to blank your userpage, talkpage, and any subpages in your userspace. To have them deleted entirely, ask an admin to delete the page for you. Note that this will work on all of the pages in your userspace, except for your user talk pages – these are generally not deleted

Vanishing from Wikipedia[change source]

Vanishing does not mean you will stop being associated with the edits made from your old account.

Vanishing typically involves: