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Introduction[change source]

Simple English Wikipedia is currently a small Wikipedia. It has few articles. Some people like to write about settlements. This is okay, of course. However, when writing about a settlement, a few basic points should be noted. They are described below. We expect every article to meet with one or more of the points below.

Points of note[change source]

  • A settlement is a place where humans have lived for at least 200 years continuously.
  • The settlement is near a place which is of historic significance (and which is not a settlement where people still live itself).
  • The settlement is an administrative centre of a region or country.
  • The place was the location of a historic event (birth or death of a memorable person, battle, notable building, revolution, etc.)
  • If the above do not apply, the settlement should have at least 10.000 (or 10,000) people currently living there. Smaller settlements can still be added as a group, for example the county.