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1. Welcome 2. Formatting text 3. Linking other pages 4. Talk pages 5. Important things 6. Be bold 7. You are done

Talk pages

If you want to make a comment about an article, just click the 'talk' link at the top of the page and leave a message. Always end your messages with ~~~~ to automatically sign your name.

If you are answering someone else's message, indent your post with a colon (:) at the beginning. You can indent it further using more than one colon.

Everyone on Wikipedia also has a talk page, including you. This is how people talk to each other on Wikipedia. If you want to ask another user a question, just leave a message on their talk page. They will then leave a reply on your talk page.

When someone changes your talk page, a box will appear next time you load a page telling you that you have new messages.