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Vandalism in progress
[change source]

This page is to report vandals, spammers, and usernames that violate the username policy, to administrators for blocking.

To better help administrators, please use the {{vandal}} template if the vandal has an account or the {{ipvandal}} template if it is an IP address.


Reporting bad usernames? Try using {{subst:UsernameWarn}} on their talk pages for those who just need a warning.

Please add new reports at the bottom.

Current alerts[change source]

Bot-reported[change source]

User-reported[change source]

The User resumed vandalism in the same manner again[1] soon after a previous ban has been lifted, also please take note the same IP User recently banned from enWiki for similar acts of disruptive editing.B.C.Mayfield (talk) 17:36, 13 May 2021 (UTC)

@Space chinedu: I looked at his edits and he made no edits. 2601:1C2:200:B610:94BD:63B9:AD72:E62E (talk) 13:13, 12 May 2021 (UTC)

Note; User also blocked on en-wiki 3 months for block evasion. Darubrub (Let me know) 14:40, 13 May 2021 (UTC)
Note; User also school range-blocked on en-wiki for 6 months. Darubrub (Let me know) 15:48, 13 May 2021 (UTC)