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A Wiki fairy (WikiFairy), or Wiki faerie (WikiFaerie, Wikifærie), is a wiki editor who makes Wikipedia more beautiful by making the style of writing better, cleaning up messy articles, rearranging pictures, or simply adding color and beauty. Some WikiFairies make new articles or change the content of the articles they edit. Others like to make articles prettier by cleaning up confusing references, making the format better, or by making the pictures better artistically. They want harmony and beauty in articles.

A WikiFairy helps make Wikipedia lovelier.

WikiFairies are usually thought of as friendly creatures, like WikiGnomes and WikiElves and unlike WikiTrolls.

Phylogeny[change source]

They have similarities to WikiElves


Homo Habilis

Homo Ancestor

Homo Erectus


Homo Neanderthalensis

Homo Heidelbergensis


Fairies (normal)



Angels (normal)

Homo sapiens


Homo sapiens sapiens


How to find WikiFairies[change source]

If you are a WikiFairy, and you would like to add a userbox to your page showing it, you can add {{User WikiFairy}}, and a user box saying,


This user is a WikiFairy.


will come out on your page.