William E. Miller

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William Miller was an American politician from the state of New York who served in the US House for 7 terms from 1951 to 1965. Miller was a conservative Republican. In 1964 he ran for president but lost the primaries to fellow conservative Sentor Barry Goldwater of Arizona. Miller was Goldwater´s running mate. He also served as 44th Chair of the Republican National Committee.

William Edward Miller
New York Republican
1964 Republican Nominee For Vice-President
44th Chair of the Republican National Committee
In officeJune 2, 1961 – June 15, 1964
Preceded by Thruston Morton
Succeeded by Dean Burch
Member of the

U.S. House of Representatives from New York

In officeJanuary 3, 1951 – January 3, 1965
Preceded by William L. Pfeiffer
Succeeded by Henry P. Smith III
Constituency 42nd district (from 1951–53)

40th district (from 1953–65)

District Attorney of Niagara County, New York
In office1948–1951
Preceded by John S. Marsh
Succeeded by Jack E. Gellman

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