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A wing is the part of an animal or airplane that allows it to fly.

Animal wings[change | change source]

A wing is the part of an animal that allows it to fly. By moving its wings, the animal can produce lift and get off the ground.

Animals that have wings are insects, birds and bats. Birds' wings are made of feathers. The wings of bats are made of skin, which is stretched between the bones of the bat's arms and fingers. Not all insects and birds can fly, even if they have wings.

Artificial wings[change | change source]

Two examples of airplane wings
  • Airplanes also have wings. Those wings cannot be moved; they are stable, but the wings also produce lift, so the airplane will get off the ground if you move it fast enough.
  • People also talk about wings of buildings. What they mean is usually a part of the building that is separated from the rest (for example: the west wing of a building).