Wojciech Młynarski

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Młynarski in 2012

Wojciech Młynarski (March 26, 1941 – March 15, 2017) was a Polish poet, singer-songwriter, and translator. He was a well-known figure on the Polish musical scene. He was most famous for his ballads and what is known as sung poetry, as well as for his collaboration with numerous vocalists and cabarets.

He wrote lyrics to more than 2,000 songs, a small fraction of which he sang himself. His songs received a total of 25 "Karolinkas", which are the main awards of the Polish Song Festival in Opole, the most important Polish song festival, occurring annually since 1963. He also composed music to some of his songs. He is considered an icon of Polish culture.

Młynarski died on March 15, 2017 in Warsaw from cancer, aged 75.[1]

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