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Wonder (R.J. Palacio novel)

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Overview[change | change source]

Wonder is a children's novel written by R.J. Palacio. Wonder was ranked #1 on The New York Times Best Seller list.[1] It was also on the Texas Bluebonnet Award master list.[2]

This novel is about a boy named August "Auggie" Pullman. He is not a normal boy because he has a disease called Treacher Collins Syndrome. He has had two or three face surgeries every year, but will not need one for a couple of years as of the beginning of the book. He was home-schooled for most of his life due to having to have many surgeries, and him being very small and sickly, but is going to Beecher Prep middle school as he has become more healthy.

The book is from the point of view of August and different people in his life.

Characters[change | change source]

Character Name Relation to August
Daisy The families pet - a dog, who dies fairly early, but in the end, the family get a new dog, named 'Bear'. Full name is 'Darth Daisy' but is usually only reffered to as 'Daisy'.
Oliva "Via" Pullman August's only sister, who's, despite envious, is very supportive, and protective (which August sometimes describes as over protective)
Isabelle and Nate Pullman August's Parents, who's very protective for him
Jack Will Best friend - despite occasional arguements
Mr. Tushman August's headteacher, who is very supportive for him.
Julian Albans The main bully of the book, and doesn't hide his disgust to August, often leaving him hurt.
Summer Dawson A very good friend, who was the only person who was willing to sit with him on August's first day
Mrs. Garcia Mr Tushman's assistant, who August reports that she has a 'shiny' smile
Mr. Browne One of August's teachers at Beecher Prep, who gives monthly precepts to his English class.
Edward "Eddie" Johnson Another bully, like Julian, who is only introduced during the camp.
Miranda Navas A very good friend of August, despite Via and her falling out. She is the one who gave August his astronaut helmet, which he wore for 2 years without taking it off before August's father threw it away.
Ella Via's good friend ; Accepeting of August but not as close as Miranda.

References[change | change source]

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