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Woolworths Supermarkets
Type Subsidiary
Industry Retail
When it was created 1924
Headquarters Australia Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia
Key people Michael Luscombe, CEO
Money earned Sales of A$42.3 Billion (2007)
Employees 175,000
Parent Woolworths Limited
Website www.woolworths.com.au
A Woolworths store in Mount Barker, South Australia

Woolworths is a group of Australian supermarkets. It is known by locals as 'Woolies'. It is the largest supermarket chain in Australia.[1]

As at October 2008 the business had 780 Australian supermarkets and 667 liquor stores in Australia.[2] It owns 201 supermarkets in New Zealand. It also owns 271 hotels and the discount department store chain Big W and an electronics retail chain Dick Smith.[2]

Shops in Victoria used to be known as Safeway until 2008, when Woolworths Limited announced that all Safeway stores would become Woolworths stores in line with the rest of Australia.[1] The New South Wales company had taken over the Victorian chain in the 1980s but had not changed the shop names (and in fact rebranded existing Woolworths stores as Safeway).[1] In August 2008 there were 189 supermarkets in Victoria that were to be changed from being called Safeway to Woolworths.[1]

Woolworths was the first Australian supermarket to offer petrol discounts when a certain amount of money was spent in the shop.[3]

In 2009 Apple launched a legal challenge against Woolworths, claiming their logo, resembling a curl of fruit peel in the shape of a 'w', was superficially similar to the Apple logo.[4]

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