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Background information
OriginSouth Korea
Years active1994 - present
MembersTaehee (Park Tae-hee)
Jin (Kim Jin-won)
Baby J (Heo Jun)

YB, formed in 1994, is a Korean rock band. They have made seven studio albums, three live albums, digital single albums, andDVDs. They sold more than 2 million albums and held more than one hundred live concerts in a year. The members are:

  • Dee (Yoon Do-Hyun), singer
  • Taehee (Park Tae-hee), bass
  • Jin (Kim Jin-won), drums
  • Baby J (Heo Jun), guitar.

YB use traditional Korean musical instruments including the gayageum, a stringed instrument, and the daegeum, an instrument like the clarinet, in their recordings.[1]

World Cup 2002[change | change source]

At the 2002 World Cup, YB played songs such as ‘Oh, Pil Seung Korea (Oh, Victory to Korea)’ to millions of fans. South Korea's entry into the semi finals meant that YB's music was heard all over Korea. They won the best music award from Korea’s three main broadcast stations KBS, MBC and SBS. They were given the first WPMA (World Peace Music Award) in 2003 for helping with human rights issues in Korea.[1]

European tour[change | change source]

YB went on tour in Europe in 2005, the first Korean rock music group to do so. They have released a single in the UK.

References[change | change source]

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