Yaki Manju

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Yaki Manju (grilled manju) is a crispy dough made from miso used for baking sweets in Japan. Yaki-manju is a traditional local food in Gunma.[1] It began in the Edo period and was first made by a shop called Harashimaya in Maebashi, Gunma.[2] Manju usually has miso paste on the outside and Azuki bean inside, which gives it a salty and sweet flavor, as well as a crispy texture on the outside and soft texture on the inside. It is sold at shops or festivals. It is a cheap, large, and filling snack. Making it requires flour, sugar, yeast, lukewarm water, salad oil and salt in a bowl. The dough is kneaded and steamed. Third, they are shaped round and put on a skewer. Finally, they are baked with miso paste.

Isesaki, Gunma holds a Yakimanju festival in January. This main event is making very big yakimanju. Its size is 20 meters. A lot of people participate in this festival.

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