Yamato nadeshiko

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Yamato nadeshiko (大和撫子, literally, "ideal Japanese woman") is a Japanese term and a flower metaphor. The term describes the "flower of Japanese womanhood" or what is generally believed to be typical and best about Japanese women.[1] It also means "traditional daughter of Japan".[2]

The phrase combines the words Yamato, which is an ancient name for Japan, and nadeshiko, which is a wild pink carnation (dianthus superbus).

History[change | change source]

The phrase Yamato Nadeshiko means the traditional Japanese woman, and she is contrasted with other women such as the "new" type of Japanese woman.[3] As ideas about women have developed and changed, this term has meant different things at different times in history. For example, the term had a special nationalistic meaning during World War II.[4]

Nadeshiko Japan (なでしこジャパン) is the name for the Japan women's national football team.[5]

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