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This habitat shown here is where the "Yeti" would be found

Asian mountains.jpg
Yeti ill artlibre jnl.png

"Yeti" is an animal said to live in the Himalaya mountain range. People say they have seen it, but none have ever been caught. It is supposed to look like an ape that walks upright. Some body parts, said to be of a yeti, are kept in a few monasteries in the area. While many people have claimed to see it over the years, there has never been any real evidence that it exists. It is said to have white shaggy fur and a lean muscular body like an ape. this "creature" could also live in the Asia mountains near the Himalayan snow line. We are not 100% sure that the "Yeti" and "BigFoot" are the same. It can stand at least 6 - 10 foot tall, It's close relative The Bigfoot stands a lot taller than the abominable snow man. This astounding 10 foot tall creature is very allusive it would be hard to find, this had lead to the theory that it could not be true. It has been shown in couple of movies like - Monsters, Inc. The "Yeti" better known as the abominable snowman - can sometimes leave tracks in the snow, it has also been said the "Yeti" can weigh at least 200 - 400 pounds. in 2010 an unsuccessful exhibition, some china hunters found a hairless four legged creature, they described as a "Yeti", That had a behaviour of a bear, they soon found out it was a small hairless cat that lost it's hair from a disease. This hairy thing has shown up in a lot of toys and games to, including - Lego Cards Lego and far more "Yeti" sets. The "Yeti" is actually quite popular. But it would be harder to find a proper image of the "Yeti" - but it would be far easer to prove Bigfoot exists. The "Yeti" has been said to have white fur while Bigfoot brown/gray - black fur. The "Yeti" has also been a WWE wrestler name.

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