Yeti Airlines Flight 691

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Yeti Airlines Flight 691 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara in Nepal. On 15 January 2023, the aircraft being operated on the route, an ATR 72 flown by Yeti Airlines, crashed while landing at Pokhara, killing all 72 occupants on board. It is the deadliest accident involving an ATR 72.

Yeti Airlines Flight 691
Yeti Airlines ATR-72 9N-ANC.jpg
9N-ANC, the aircraft involved in the accident, eight months before the crash
Date15 January 2023; 4 months ago (2023-01-15)
SummaryCrashed on approach, under investigation
SiteNear Pokhara International Airport, Pokhara, Nepal
28°11′51″N 83°59′06″E / 28.19750°N 83.98500°E / 28.19750; 83.98500Coordinates: 28°11′51″N 83°59′06″E / 28.19750°N 83.98500°E / 28.19750; 83.98500[1]
Aircraft typeATR 72-500
OperatorYeti Airlines
IATA flight No.YT691
ICAO flight No.NYT691
Call signYETI AIRLINES 691
Flight originTribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, Nepal
DestinationPokhara International Airport, Pokhara, Nepal

The accident resulted in the death of all 72 people on board and was the worst plane accident in Nepal since the crash of Pakistan International Airlines Flight 268 in 1992.

To date, this is the deadliest plane crash of 2023.

Bodies[change | change source]

On January 17, authorities began returning the bodies of the victims to their families.

References[change | change source]

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