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Yothu Yindi

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Yothu Yindi
Yothu Yindi perform at the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney, Australia
Background information
OriginYolngu homelands, Northern Territory, Australia
GenresIndigenous music/rock
Years active1986–current
LabelsMushroom, Hollywood
MembersMandawuy Yunupingu
Stuart Kellaway
Ben Hakalitz
Cal Williams
Gapanbulu Yunupingu
Past member(s)see members list below

Yothu Yindi was the first major indigenous band in Australia. They released many hits and albums such as "One Blood", "Treaty", "Garma", "Homeland Movement" and "Birrkuda". The name Yothu Yindi translates from 'yolngo matha' to English as "child and mother". This term refers to the connection the tribe has to their land.

Achievements[change | change source]

Some of their achievements include spending 22 weeks in the national charts for their single "Treaty", the prime minister Paul Keating awarded them with $30000.

Mandawuy Yunupingu[change | change source]

Mandawuy is a crocodile man and also lead singer and song writer with the band Yothu Yindi. He is very kind and inspirational as well as he is strongly Aboriginal. His brother won The Australian of the Year.