Yukio Miya

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Yukio Miya (宮ユキオ, Miya Yukio, November 16, 1937; Yokohama - October 29, 2013 {age 75}; Tokyo) is a Japanese musician and songwriter. He is remembered as the band leader and drummer for The Jaguars, Japan's most popular band group during the 1960s. His birth name is Minoru Tanaka (田中稔, Tanaka Minoru).

Career[change | change source]

After leaving The Jaguars in March 1968 after an argument with the music directors over his poorly songwriting, he formed "Yukio Miya and the New Jaguars". After the dissolution of The New Jaguars, Miya ran a pub restaurant "MIYA" in Shibuya, Tokyo. In 1981, Miya reunited with his fellow band members of The Jaguars after 13 years of leaving the group. In 2009, due to the death of Shin Okamoto, he stopped working the band and return to his pub. He died at the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center in Tokyo from lung cancer. He was 75 years old.