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Yun Chi-young

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Yun Chi-Young (Hangul: 윤치영, February 10 1898 - February 9 1996) was a Korean Independent Activist and politician, educators, diplomats. His nickname was 'DongSan' (동산, 東山). 1st Interior Minister (1948) of South Korea, 1st, 2nd and 3rd the National Assembly of South Korean. Younger Half-Uncle was Yun Bo-seon, 4th president of South Korea.

2nd Republic of Korea Ambassador to French 1950 to 1951, 13th Mayor of Seoul City at December 17, 1963 to March 30, 1966.

  • 『Yun Chi-young's 20c』(윤치영의 20세기)
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Preceded by
Interior Minister of South Korea
Succeeded by
Shin Seong-Mo
Preceded by
Yun Tae-il
Mayor of Seoul City
Succeeded by
Kim Hyun-Ok