Zagreb Film

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Zagreb Film was a Croatian production company.

Works[change | change source]

Animated TV series[change | change source]

1950s to 1960s

  • Snake (1951)
  • Inspektor Maska (1962-1963)
  • Professor Balthazar (1967-1978)


  • Maxi Cat

Animated shorts[change | change source]

  • Inspektor se vratio kući
  • Back

Co-productions[change | change source]

  • The Little Flying Bears (1990-1991) Co-production with Cine Group
  • Dream Doll (1979) Co-productions with Bob Goldfrey Films and Heles and Barchelloy (Oscar nominee)
  • Man the Polluter (1973) Co-production with The National Film Board of Canada