Zendeh Rood

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Zendeh Rood
GenreTalk show
Directed byMolod Mohammadi, Habib Narimani
Country of originIran
Original language(s)Persian
Producer(s)Mohammad Ali Taleghani, Reza Salehi
Running time150 to 240 minutes
Production company(s)IRIB TV5
DistributorIRIB TV5
Original release2000 (2000)

Zendeh Rood(Persian: زنده رود‎) is an Iranian TV talk show with a cultural and social focus, which will be broadcast live on IRIB TV5 on Fridays and It is also broadcast on IRIB Shoma at the same time.[1]

Program sections[change | change source]

"Zendeh Rood" consists of different parts,According to the selected topic, the initial part of the program will be attended by experts from the seminary and the university. The next section will introduce the elite scientific, cultural, sports and top artists in the field of handicrafts and arts in Isfahan province.

In the next section, the prominent artists of Iran will be introduced. During the program, various reports from various places of interest, customs and cultures are prepared and broadcast. Music, anthems and interviews with singers are other parts of the program. There are also sports and competition sections for artists in the show.

Zendeh Rood 98[change | change source]

Zendeh Rood 98 is one of the series of this TV program that was broadcast in 2019 on the national IRIB TV5 and IRIB Shoma of Iran in two 14-episode seasons.

Cast and Crew in First seasons 2019[change | change source]

Cast and crew of Zandeh Rood program in 2020
  • Director: Habib Narimani
  • Producer: Reza Salehi
  • Director of photography: Majid Mohseni

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