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Zwiastowanie (obraz Fra Angelica)

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The Annunciation - an altar painting painted around 1426 by Fra Angelico for the monastery of Santo Domenico in Fiesole, near Florence. The work was made in the tempera technique with the use of gold. The altar is kept in the Prado Museum. The Annunciation scene takes place under a portico with a light structure made of thin columns. On the left, in the depths of the garden, you can see the scene of Adam and Eve's expulsion from Paradise. The predella shows scenes from the life of Mary: the birth of Mary, the wedding with St. Joseph, visitation of St. Elizabeth, the birth of Christ, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and the Assumption of Mary. Fra Angelico painted exclusively religious pictures, conceiving art as a form of glorifying the Creator. He very precisely reflected the nature and features of the presented characters. In his style, he combined late Italian Gothic with a new - Renaissance - formula of art. An example of this is the spaciousness of architecture in his works.