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This box shows the color champagne.
Champagne and champagne bottle

The color champagne is a name given for various very pale tints of yellowish-orange that are close to beige. The color's name came from the average color of the drink champagne.

The first written use of champagne as a color name in English was in 1915. [1]

Meaning of champagne[change | edit source]

  • The color champagne represents luxury.

Tones of champagne color comparison chart[change | edit source]

Pink Champagne (Pantone TPX 12-1107) (Hex: #F1DDCF) (RGB: 241, 221, 207)
CHAMPAGNE ( (Maerz & Paul) (Hex: #F7E7CE) (RGB: 247, 231, 206)
Medium Champagne (Champagne #89 (ISCC-NBS)) (Hex: #F3E5AB) (RGB: 243, 229, 171)
Deep Champagne (Champagne #13 (ISCC-NBS)) (Hex: #FAD6A5) (RGB: 250, 214, 165)
Dark Champagne (Champagne #90 (ISCC-NBS)) (Hex: #C2B280) (RGB: 194, 178, 128)

References[change | edit source]

  1. Maerz and Paul A Dictionary of Color New York:1930 McGraw-Hill Page 192; Color Sample of Champagne: Page 45 Plate 11 Color Sample B3 Note: The color called Champagne in the color box above (color #F7E7CE) matches the color shown as Champagne in Maerz and Paul.

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