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EastEnders is a BBC television programme, in the United Kingdom. It has been running since February 1985, and has had over 4700 episodes, and is known as a soap opera. The programme is a rival of Coronation Street and Emmerdale. It is usually shown on BBC One.

The programme is in a pretend area of East London, called Walford. It is filmed in Elstree, a village in Borehamwood. Like Coronation Street, most action is around a local pub. The pub in EastEnders is called The Queen Vic.

There are many story lines, including drug abuse, rape, racism, domestic violence, murder, kidnapping, prostitution, theft, [senile dementia, arson, and runaway children.

Arguments between members of one family, or between different families, are often in the storyline.

It has won six BAFTA awards.[1]

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