Flag of Alaska

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Flag of Alaska

The Flag of Alaska has eight gold stars on dark blue. These stars form the Big Dipper and the North Star.

Creation[change | change source]

The flag was created in 1927 by Benny Benson, a 13-year-old Alaska native. Up to that time, Alaskans had flown only the U.S. flag. Benson's design was chosen over 700 other submissions from school-children in grades 7–12. Most other entries showed the seal, the midnight sun, the northern lights, polar bears, and gold pans. To celebrate his achievement, Benson was awarded $1,000 and an engraved watch. The Alaska Legislature adopted the flag on May 2, 1927. It was kept as the state flag upon statehood in 1959.

Alaska's Flag Song Lyrics[change | change source]

This song was made for the flag.

Eight stars of gold on a field of blue -

Alaska's flag. May it mean to you The blue of the sea, the evening sky, The mountain lakes, and the flow'rs nearby; The gold of the early sourdough's dreams, The precious gold of the hills and streams; The brilliant stars in the northern sky, The "Bear" - the "Dipper" - and, shining high, The great North Star with its steady light, Over land and sea a beacon bright. Alaska's flag - to Alaskans dear,

The simple flag of a last frontier.