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Fox News Channel is an American cable and satellite television news network. It was made by Rupert Murdoch. It is owned by Fox Broadcasting Company.

Shows[change | change source]

The channel plays up to 15 hours of live shows every day. 9 hours are news programs based on fact.[source?] The remaining 6 hours are opinion shows.[1] The hosts of its opinion shows are Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Neil Cavuto, Greta Van Susteren, and Geraldo Rivera.

Criticisms[change | change source]

There was a documentary called Outfoxed that criticized the channel because they say it is biased towards conservatives and the US Republican Party in its reporting.[2] Fox says its opinion shows are biased but its regular news programs are not. Fox News has been accused of using attractive female reporters to get more people watching.[3][4] However, another opinion is that this is acceptable and there is nothing wrong with attractive women reporting the news.[5]

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