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In psychology, frustration is a common emotional way to act when things go wrong. It is a feeling of being angry and sad when something one wants or wishes for does not happen. Well, human have got a lot of wishes& wants in their life which may either happen or may not or if a person is hoping that something is coming true& that accidentally came wrong then they become quite frustrated with this object or thing in their life.The frustration is similar to depression but not identically. In clinical the frustration is a mental disease which has just procured in mind & after the frustation ,depression can cause in person as they go on something thinking deeply daily after leaving everyday & night & a person doesn't want to work with family instead they just repent or regret about the aim that they have lost & that don't want to change their mind to make anywhere else except from that. A frusted person might fear with other person who wants to talk about the lost aim & they fell quite fullness of chest.There are many other symptoms which resemble to the depression.In the mind because of neurological problem come sound & in the ear that sound is unbearable so noises can be heard . 2.The cause& symptoms: The frustrated person suddenly get panic after having lost any job, separation from the love one who was thought to be like heart beat,expelling from family or society or any other respected& famous job field,being hated at home or any other place,strong pressure at work, feeling low esteem, or being ignored by society at every action,repeatedly thinking only future & past but fear about them shortly & not to take any interest in playing games or go out with friends, showing wholly things, unwilling to do any job being offered, fear to walk alone or all the time thinking future,feel anxiety while talking other development, feeling of other can overtake.Changeable feeling in moments to moment, don't want to listen who talk objection about them.They have got sleeping problemsas well.They feel quite suffocation in chest or they doubt what other are thinking about him or her.Some of the ladies are suffered from this problems when they are forcefully divorced or detached from married life.In the recent days that kind of cases are seen & the affected ladyis taken to psychotherapy. Everyday they feel bored physically or mindly. 3. Treatment:The affected person must be taken to psychotherapy with the help of home member or related person.If the person is not injured & not married that must be managed for getting married there for the person can forget all past things& harmful thinkings.The prescribed medicine must be taken properly in accordance with doctor advice.feeling must be avoided by engaging in work with friends.Don't have study any fearful & events reminding related article or book or on TV.Try to walk with supportive friends who give you helpful suggests. Don't make any unlimited or beyond capacity wishes. Try to be happy with whatever you are in or have.All ways think positive or don't make chest fullness, if you have any gastric or stomach problems treat them first & all the time don't think money is great.Don't try to spend money on no needed thing which makes you unhappy latter.If you are studying you continue it gradually with enjoying & don't think only far place to make money which makes you feel tight your chest so you afraid of if and fear.if you are able to play game join there too.Don't expecte any impossible aim or object,don'feel deeply in love or just try to be joker which brings in you enjoy a lot if succeed any one to make happy.Spend you day working whatever you can.Usually never careless in eating food which are rich in diets. Eat& sleep properly.Make habit to sleep& wake up in time which help you to be fitted from body structure orevery morning try to do exercises like jogging or pull up & push up or stretching arms or legs which makes you feel better but make a habit to do slowly therefore it will be good but if you do hard one day & leave for many days it affects you negatively.Try to balance your everyday activities which makes you fast & zealous as well.If you adapt this ways you can escape from frustrated & depressedmood.