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Chrome OS
Google Chrome icon and wordmark (2011).svg
Company / developer Google Inc.
Programmed in C, C++
OS family Linux
Working state Preinstalled on specific hardware (Chromebooks, Chromeboxes)
Update method Rolling release
Package manager Portage
Supported platforms x86, ARM
Kernel type Monolithic: Linux kernel[1]
Default user interface Graphical interface based on the Google Chrome browser
License Google Chrome OS Terms of Service[2]
Official website

The Google Chrome OS is a project by Google to develop a light computer operating system. It is devoted to using the World Wide Web.[3] The operating system was announced on July 7, 2009, and it is based on Google's Chrome web browser and the Linux kernel. It will be targeted at netbooks at first,[4] and is due to be released during the second half of 2010.[5] It will run on systems with either x86 or ARM processors.[6]

Google has stated that the Google Chrome OS project will be open source[7] by the end of 2009. Although it is based on the Linux kernel, it will use "a new windowing system".[8]

The Google Chrome OS is expected to be delayed in reaching customers.[9]

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