Lake Ülemiste

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There are more than 1,400 lakes in Estonia and there are several lakes near to Tallinn, the capital city. Lake Ülemiste (Estonian: Ülemiste järv) is the largest of the lakes near to the capital. The city of Tallinn takes its drinking water from this lake. The lake gets its water mostly from the small Kurna stream and the larger Pirita River (through the Vaskjala-Ülemiste canal).

There is a nice old legend about this lake. The legend says that the "Old Man of Lake Ülemiste" (Estonian: Ülemiste vanake) lives in the lake. When anyone meets him, he always asks: "Is Tallinn ready yet?". If the other person answers "Yes, the city is ready.", then the old man will send the lake waters out to cover the city of Tallinn. In this way, if anyone meets this old man, they should answer: "No, the city is not ready. There is a lot of work to do still." In this way the city can be saved.