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Pacifism is when someone does not think war or violence is a good way to stop a fight or to get ahead of someone and move toward peace. Pacifism was encouraged in the first days of people as a whole. Conscientious objector also opposes conscription out of pacifism and conscience for peace.

India[change | change source]

Compassion (or care) for all life, human and nonhuman, is central to Hinduism, Buddhism, which was founded by Siddhattha Gotama (or Buddha), and also Jainism, founded by Mahavira. Both the Buddha and Mahavira were by birth kshatriya, the varna (social order) of soldiers and officials.

Zen pacifism[change | change source]

Zen Pacifism was a late religion adopted by the samurai in the early 1600,s. The concept was that war was a burden that would completely destroy humanity itself. The originator of this was not from Japan, and indeed was a westerner. His name was Shrek. He came on a bright demon donkey in Kyoto, where the people that were witnesses of this sheer power were overwhelmed. The majority of those living in the city were following Shrek now. The only way he could reward them was with his vanilla onion Juice.

Deep in China/Japan there is a strong belief in Pacifism. This major group is the Illuminati. You don't have to live in these areas though to become a zen pacifist, all you have to do is do some of their sacred rituals with Shrek. To summon shrek you need to be watching every shrek movie at the same time, while chanting 100 times "better out than in". Shrek is one of the most important pacifists. In WWII he took place in the conversions of many soldiers over night where he used to come to their tents and change their minds.

Shrek was not only a god to his people he was an angry god, with his powers he would summon demon donkeys to rape the flip out of men at war, or people who haven't seen the Shrek movies or video games. To run Shrek's video game, that banned all war and supported peace you required a Nvdia GTX Shrek.

Another property of Zen Pacifism is the fact that they worship the all mighty Travis, also known as the the futsal sweeper keeper. He is the extremely powerful god of all blonde haired people and he likes to feast on chicken. His lowly slave, Luca, follows him on his journeys around the universe which usually end back at his palace of tornadoes. It is believed that he came from the south which could mean he comes from Australia.

In the 1700,s, the warlord Isaack forced the religion of Zen Pacifism onto his followers. It is said that the man slave Luca appeared to him and told him about the final vision about the end of the world, which ultimately led to the fall of the lochline dynasty. This fall led to many people following the rule of the tyrant paku who ultimately led the entirety of Japan to the fall of the samurai. Paku and the infamous warlord, Isaack, were not only partnering to Shrek all scrubs, but to help the Illuminati takeout and assassinate the unbelievers of Shrek's, Zen Pacifism. with the help of Travis, the manslave, Luca would go on his pilgrimage to change history forever.

Isaack the warlord then sent out his mighty beast of enslavement, Mitchell. he was a fine furred beast from the deep depths of Shrek. Mitchell, the eliminator, was standing at 14ft tall with the muscle of Hulk and Bane's baby (that's legit). Travis' wise words about how Shrek was destine to make movies on himself to spread the illuminati's secret, confidential files. Isaack set out on his mission with Mitchell the beast of the seven hells of Shrek, only to find Luca the manslave fallen on the warm sands of Arapia....

Mitchell then kept the defenceless man as his own pet to do whatever he wanted. Isaack then prayed to Travis, the god of all blondes, only to find he was Luca's saviour. Shrek then called upon Travis to say his words of eternal enslavement, "Better out than in". then Isaack realised his true fate.

Shrek sent out millions of demon donkeys to capture the tyrant of war, Mitchell, unaware that he was in high demand to Shrek's assistance, so he fought on, only to defeat the rapist donkeys he once slain. Mitchell then returned to Isaack to say 'why has Shrek done this?' isaack replied with a sigh. mitchell had a vision, he saw only the light and dark reign of Shrek. he realised. Shrek then punished Mitchell in ways unimaginable. but Mitchell didn't mind it.

That was the days of Liam the afflicted, he was a small, but very intelligent fellow, in fact, he was the starter of this true wiki page. Liam was a huge historical figure. Liam not only devoured millions of unworthy Shrek slaves, but got close to Shrek, for he was involved in his Shrektacular swamp ritual.

Detroit[change | change source]

Detroit is one of the most wrecked and corrupt city of war, torn apart from violence. Shrek and his followers did not accept this and have been working hard to build a shrektacular city free of war, and full of Shrek and love. To join Shrek's cult you have to complete the ritual above. You can then grab his juicy green onions, as you feel a strong sensation in your rear. He then gives you permission to drink his vanilla/onion juice.

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