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The pint is the name of a unit of liquid measurement in some countries. The pint is the same as 18 of a gallon. Because the imperial system and the American system use different gallons, their pints are different also.

The imperial pint is still used to measure amounts of beer in the countries of the old British Empire, and milk for the United Kingdom. It is usually not used today for anything else. It is divided into 20 fluid ounces.

The United States is the only other country to use pints. In the American system there are two different pints. There is a wet pint and a dry pint. Six U.S. wet pints are about five imperial pints. The U.S. wet pint is divided into 16 fluid ounces.

1 imperial pint = 20 imperial fluid ounces (fl. oz.)
= 0.56826125 litres (exactly)
≈ 568 ml
≈ 1.20 U.S. wet pints
≈ 1.03 U.S. dry pints
1 U.S. wet pint = 16 U.S. fl. oz.
= 0.473176473 litres (exactly)
≈ 473 ml
≈ 0.83 imperial pints
≈ 0.86 U.S. dry pints
1 U.S. dry pint = 0.5506104713575 litres (exactly)
≈ 551 ml
≈ 0.97 imperial pints
≈ 1.16 U.S. wet pints