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Sakhalin is located in Russia
Sakhalin (Russia)
Location Russian Far East, Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 45°50' 54°24' N
Total islands 1
Area  (23rd)
Elevation 1,609 m (5,279 ft)
Highest point Lopatin
Largest city Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk,Toyohara (pop. 174,203)
Population 673,100 (as of 2005)
Density 8.62 /km2 (22.3 /sq mi)
Ethnic groups Russians, Koreans, Nivkhs, Oroks, Evenks and Yakuts.

Sakhalin (Russian: Сахали́н, IPA: [səxʌˈlʲin]; Japanese: Karafuto (樺太?) or Saharin (サハリン?); Chinese: 庫頁/库页 Kùyè or 薩哈林/萨哈林 Sàhālín), also known as Saghalien, is a large, long Russian island in the North Pacific, placed between 45°50' and 54°24' N. It is part of Russia territory and is its largest island, administered as part of Sakhalin Oblast. The indigenous peoples of the island are the Sakhalin Ainu, Oroks, and Nivkhs.[1] Most Ainu relocated to Hokkaidō when Japanese were gone from the island in 1949.[2]

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