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This box shows the colour scarlet.

Scarlet is a slightly orangish red colour. It is a colour of the rainbow. It is redder than vermilion. The colour's name comes from the Persian saqirlat.

An early recorded use of scarlet as a color name in the English language dates to 1250.[1]

Meaning of Scarlet[change | edit source]

  • Traditionally, scarlet is the colour of flame. People also call the colour of the blood of a living person scarlet, even though the actual color of blood is crimson.
  • Scarlet may represent sin.
  • Scarlet represents sensual pleasure and fun. Scarlet represents partying.

Tones of scarlet color comparison chart[change | edit source]

  • SCARLET (Hex: #FF2400) (RGB: 255, 36, 0)
  • Torch Red (Hex: #FD0E35) (RGB: 253, 14, 53)
  • Flame (Hex: #E25822) (RGB: 226, 88, 34)
  • Lust (Hex: #E62020) (RGB: 230, 32, 32)
  • Brick Red (Crayola) (Hex: #CB4154) (RGB: 203, 65, 84)
  • Fire Brick (web color) (Hex: #B22222) (RGB: 178, 34, 34)
  • Dark Scarlet (Hex: #560319) (RGB: 86, 3, 25)

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References[change | edit source]

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