Scheme (programming language)

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Paradigm(s) multi-paradigm: functional, procedural, meta
Appeared in 1975
Designed by Guy L. Steele and Gerald Jay Sussman
Stable release R6RS (ratified standard) / 2007
Typing discipline strong, dynamic
Scope lexical
Major implementations Many. See Category:Scheme implementations
Dialects T
Influenced by Lisp, ALGOL, MDL
Influenced Clojure, Common Lisp, Dylan, EuLisp, Haskell, Hop, JavaScript, Kernel, Lua, R, S, Racket, Ruby
Usual filename extensions .scm, .ss

Scheme is a programming language. It is one of the two dialects of LISP in widespread use today. The other dialect of LISP widely used is Common lisp. Scheme is often used as a teaching tool; to teach computer science students functional programming.