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Sesame Street is a children's television series with human actors and puppets that are called Muppets. The show deals with issues such as music, song, alphabet, numbers, and teaching children basics in learning. Part of the profits, go to an international project for children's schools.

The show has been on TV since November 10, 1969. Jim Henson made the Muppets, and a lot of writers and puppeteers worked together to make the show. The Muppets were used afterwards in a different show called The Muppet Show. Sesame Street has been on TV in 120 countries all over the world. More than 4000 episodes have been made over 40 seasons.

The Muppets[change | change source]

  • Big Bird is a very tall yellow bird. His best friend is Snuffleupagus who looks like a mammoth with no tusks.
  • Oscar the Grouch lives in a garbage can with his pet worm Slimey and his pet elephant Fluffy. He is always in a bad mood and he loves everything that other people hate: mud, dirt, etc.
  • Bert and Ernie are two roommates. Ernie is more active and always ready to play a game or make a mess. Bert is an often boring grouch who likes to read; he likes things to be clean, neat and loves pigeons.
  • Cookie Monster is blue and eats large amounts of cookies.[1]
  • Elmo is a red furred monster and lives with his goldfish named Dorothy.

There are three new muppets for Sesame Street. One is a girl fairy named Abby Cadabby. Another is Murray, and his lamb named Ovajita. Not only Muppets play in the show but also human actors who live with the Muppets.

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