Telephone numbers in Australia

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Country Code: +61
International Call Prefix: 0011
Trunk Prefix: 0

The Australian telephone numbering plan is how phone numbers work in Australia. It has changed many times. The most recent major change was between 1994 and 1998.[1]

Present numbering plan Overview[change | change source]

Australia is divided geographically into four large area codes. The standard telephone number in Australia has ten digits. The first digit is '0'.

The first digits are for the type of service. The following list is a high level of numbering plan presented in domestic format. Geographical region boundaries do not exactly follow state borders.

  • 00 Emergency and International access
  • 01 Alternative phone services
  • 02 Geographic: Central East region (NSW, ACT)
  • 03 Geographic: South-east region (VIC, TAS)
  • 04 Digital Mobile services (GSM and 3G)
  • 05 Universal/Personal numberings
  • 07 Geographic: North-east region (QLD)
  • 08 Geographic: Central and West region (SA, NT, WA)
  • 1 Non-geographic numbers (mostly for domestic use only)

000 is the emergency telephone number in Australia.

References[change | change source]

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