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Totally Spies! is an French/Canadian(Season 3-5) animated television series Produced by Marathon Media and Image Entertainment Corporation(Season 3-5). The Show Broadcasted first on November 3, 2001 on ABC Family in USA. Originally Broadcasted on TF1 in France and Teletoon in Canada.

Totally Spies! The Movie was released in July 22, 2009 in France. It Show had been still running since 2001. A Sixth season was confirmed by Marathon Media to premiere on September 4, 2013. 

156 episodes divided in 6 seasons

Plot[change | edit source]

The series centers around the adventures of three teenage girls - Sam, Alex and Clover - who live a double life as spies working for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP). The girls are recruited by the organization's leader, Jerry Lewis, to solve crises that arise around the world. Many of their missions involve dealing with disgruntled villains who have been wronged in some form during their past. Several have exacted revenge on the spies by invading their personal lives. The b-stories focus on the girls' daytime lives as high school students, dealing with relationships, school and school rivals (Mandy).

Episodes[change | edit source]

List of Episodes of Totally Spies! The show premiered a season 1 with 26 episode a second season with 26 episodes a Third season was Co-produced by Image and Teletoon

Broadcast[change | edit source]

Totally Spies premiered on November 3, 2001 on ABC Family. It later premiered in Europe on channels such as Germany's ProSieben, France's TF1 and the United Kingdom's Channel 4 during the spring of 2002. The show later moved to Cartoon Network, where it attracted 1.6 million viewers (aged 4 – 10) daily[7] and continued airing until 2009. The show has also attracted over one million viewers in France since its debut. It was later re-licensed and its sixith season, along with Totally Spies! The Movie and the show's spin off The Amazing Spiez!. The show aired its sixth season in France and is being broadcast around Europe. The Amazing Spiez! was broadcast in France on TF1, Canada on Teletoon, Japan on NHK, USA on Cartoon Network, Southern Asia on Disney Channel Asia. The sixth season of Totally Spies! was re-licensed with new broadcasters too! Season 6 premiered in France on TF1, on Nickelodeon in Romania, Germany and Netherlands and Cartoon Network Latin America.