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Republic of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia
Unrecognized state

Flag Coat of arms
Capital Salisbury
Language(s) English (official)
Shona and Sindebele widely spoken
Government Parliamentary Republic
President Josiah Gumede
Prime Minister Abel Muzorewa
Historical era Cold War
 - Established 1 June 1979
 - Disestablished 12 December 1979
 - 1979 390,580 km2 (150,804 sq mi)
 - 1979 est. 6,930,000 
     Density 17.7 /km2  (46 /sq mi)
Currency Rhodesian dollar

Zimbabwe-Rhodesia (officially the Republic of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia) was an unrecognized state in southern Africa. It replaced the Republic of Rhodesia from 1 June 1979 to 12 December 1979. It was replaced by the re-established British colony of Southern Rhodesia for three months before being replaced by the present day Republic of Zimbabwe.