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T-34-85 mod. 1944 tank as a war memorial in Kursk, Russia
T-34-85 medium tank as a war memorial in Kursk, Russia.
TypeMedium tank
Place of originSoviet Union
Service history
In service1940–1980s (Soviet Union)
1950s–present (by other states)
Used bySoviet Union and 39 others
WarsWorld War II, and many others
Production history
Produced1940–45 (USSR),
1951–55 (Poland),
1951–58 (Czechoslovakia)
No. built84,070[1]
35,120 T-34[1]
48,950 T-34-85[1]
Specifications (T-34 Model 1941[4])
Mass26.5 tonnes (29.2 short tons; 26.1 long tons)
Length6.68 m (21 ft 11 in)
Width3.00 m (9 ft 10 in)
Height2.45 m (8 ft 0 in)
Crew4 (T-34)
5 (T-34/85)

ArmourHull front 47 mm /60° (upper part)[2]
45 mm (1.8")/60° (lower part),
Hull side 40 mm[3]/41°(upper part),
Hull rear 45 mm,
Hull top 20 mm,
Hull bottom 15 mm;
Turret front 60 mm (2.4"),
Turret side 52 mm/30°,
Turret rear 30 mm,
Turret top 16 mm[verification needed]
76.2 mm (3.00 in) F-34 tank gun
(T-34/85: 85 mm ZiS-S-53 or D-5T gun)
2 × 7.62 mm (0.3 in) DT machine guns
EngineModel V-2-34 38.8 L V12 Diesel engine
500 hp (370 kW)
Power/weight18.9 hp (14 kW) / tonne (T-34) 15.6 hp (11.6 KW) / tonne (T-34/85)
Ground clearance0.4 m (16 in)
  • 250–330 km (T-34) (250 mi)
  • 250–300 km (T-34/85) (150 mi)
Maximum speed 53 km/h (33 mph)

The T-34 was a Soviet tank introduced in 1940, famously deployed to the Red Army during World War II against Operation Barbarossa.

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The T-34 has good armor, a fairly powerful engine and wide tracks. The initial version of the T-34 had a powerful 76.2mm L-11 gun, and was often called the T-34-76. In 1944, a second version began production, the T-34-85, with a larger and more powerful 85mm ZIS-S-53 cannon to deal with newer German tanks.[5]

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