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13 January 2024 al-Dailami Air Base missile strike

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13 January 2024 al-Dailami Air Base missile strike
Part of Red Sea Crisis and regional escalation of Israel–Hamas war
Date13 January 2024
al-Dailami Air Base, Yemen
 United States Houthi Houthi
Units involved
United States USS Carney (destroyer)[1] Unknown

United States USS Carney (Arleigh Burke-class destroyer)

Casualties and losses
None One radar facility destroyed

On 13 January 2024, the USS Carney, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in the United States Navy, launched Tomahawk cruise missiles against the Houthi movement.[2][1][3] The missile hit and destroyed a radar facility at the Houthi-controlled al-Dailami Air Base in Yemen.[4] This was done as a “follow-on action” to the large scale missile strikes conducted by a United States-United Kingdom-led coalition the day before.[2]

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