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1896 Sanriku earthquake

Coordinates: 39°30′N 144°00′E / 39.5°N 144.0°E / 39.5; 144.0
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1896 Sanriku earthquake
1896 Sanriku earthquake is located in Japan
1896 Sanriku earthquake
Local dateJune 15, 1896 (1896-06-15)
Local time19:32:30 JST (UTC+9)
Magnitude8.5 Mw
7.2 Ms[1]
Epicenter39°30′N 144°00′E / 39.5°N 144.0°E / 39.5; 144.0
Areas affectedEmpire of Japan, United States
Total damageTsunami
TsunamiUp to 38.2 m (125 ft)
in Ryori, Kesen, Iwate, Tōhoku
Casualties22,066 people dead or missing[2]

The 1896 Sanriku earthquake (Japanese: 明治三陸地震) is a megathrust earthquake that occurred in Japan on June 15, 1896. The epicenter was 39°30′N 144°00′E / 39.5°N 144.0°E / 39.5; 144.0, Moment magnitude scale was 8.5. There was almost no damage from the earthquake itself, but the huge tsunami caused by this earthquake struck the coasts of Iwate Prefecture and other areas, causing enormous damage.[3] The tsunami killed about 22,000 people.[4] The tsunami was also observed in Hawaii and elsewhere.[5]

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