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1931 Stanley Cup Finals

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1931 Stanley Cup Finals
12345 Total
Chicago Black Hawks 12320 2
Montreal Canadiens 21242 3
* indicates periods of overtime.
Location(s)Chicago: Chicago Stadium (1, 2)
Montreal: Forum (3–5)
CoachesChicago: Dick Irvin
Montreal: Cecil Hart
CaptainsChicago: Ty Arbour
Montreal: Sylvio Mantha
DatesApril 3–14, 1931
Series-winning goalJohnny Gagnon (9:59, second)

The 1931 Stanley Cup finals was between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Montreal Canadiens. In the first game the Canadiens beat the Black hawks 2-1. In game two it was a 1-1 tie when in a second over time but then Johnny Gottselig scored for the Black hawks and won it 2-1. In game three in Montreal it was 2-2 until the 3rd overtime when Wentworth scored and the Blackhawks had a 2-1 series lead. In game four the Canadiens beat Chicago 4-2 and tied the series 2-2. Then the Canadieans beat the Black hawks 2-0 and won the series would take the Stanley Cup.