1985 State of the Union Address

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The 1985 State of the Union address was given by President Ronald Reagan to a joint session of the 99th United States Congress on February 6, 1985 (Reagan's birthday). The speech was the first State of the Union address of President Reagan's second term, and his fifth altogether.

He stated, "Our progress began not in Washington, DC, but in the hearts of our families, communities, workplaces, and voluntary groups which, together, are unleashing the invincible spirit of one great nation under God." [1] He believed that volunteerism was a key element to the American community.

The president proclaimed the Reagan Doctrine and talked about taxes, reducing the federal deficit and the Strategic Defense Initiative, among other things.

The speech lasted about 40 minutes and had 4,955 words.[2] The address was broadcast live on radio and television.

The Democratic Party response was delivered by Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas, Governor Bob Graham of Florida and House Speaker Tip O'Neill.[3]

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