1999 Jiji earthquake

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1999 Jiji earthquake
(921 earthquake)
1999 Jiji earthquake is located in Taiwan
1999 Jiji earthquake
UTC time1999-09-20 17:4
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ISC event1718616
Local date21 September 1999
Local time01:47:12 local time
Magnitude7.6–7.7 Mw / 7.3 ML
Depth33 km (20.5 mi)
EpicenterJiji, Nantou, Taiwan
23°46′19″N 120°58′55″E / 23.772°N 120.982°E / 23.772; 120.982
FaultThrust Faulting
Areas affectedTaiwan
Peak acceleration1.92 g[1]
Peak velocity184.58 cm/s
Casualties2,415 killed
29 missing
11,305 injured
51,711 buildings obliterated
53,768 buildings damaged

Damages[change | change source]

The earthquake caused much damage, according to the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior R.O.C. This damage included:

  • 2,415 people died or were never found
  • 11,441 people were badly hurt
  • US$9.2 billion worth of damage or AUD$13.36 billion worth of damage
  • 44,338 houses were completely destroyed
  • 41,336 houses were badly damaged

The earthquake continued to shake Taiwan throughout the night. People tell stories about a house that was not destroyed but moved by the earthquake from one county to another. The story says that because of this, the owners of the house had to change their address. The earthquake killed many people.

Chelungpu fault[change | change source]

The epicenter of the earthquake was Chichi Township. The 921 Earthquake happened along the Chelungpu fault line in western part of the island of Taiwan. The fault is located along the foothills of the Central Mountains in Nantou and Taichung counties. Some sections of land near the fault were changed in elevation by as much as 7 meters (23 feet). Near the northern end of the fault line, a 7-meter tall waterfall was created by the earthquake. In the middle-western part of the island, bridges were destroyed. This stopped traffic for weeks.

In Wufeng, a village in southern Taichung County, the damage was very bad. The village's Guangfu High School was located on the fault line. It was badly damaged by the quake. Today the high school is the site of the National Museum of Natural Science's 921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan. Landslides were created which in turn caused impromptu formation of lakes.

Notes[change | change source]

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