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2011 Sindh floods

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The 2011 Sindh floods occurred in August and September 2011 because of a lot of rain in Sindh, Eastern Balochistan, and Southern Punjab, Pakistan. The floods caused a lot of damage. 270 people were killed, and 5.3 million people were affected. 1.2 million homes were flooded. At least 1.7 million acres of land were ruined by the flooding. It was the worst flooding in Pakistan since the 2010 floods.

Causes[change | change source]

In July, Pakistan had low monsoon rains, however in August and September the country received "above normal" monsoon rains. A strong weather pattern entered the areas of Sindh from the Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujarat in August and gained strength with the passage of time and caused heavy downpours. The four-week long continuous rains have created floods in Sindh that have never been seen before.